Common Misconceptions About 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring


If you are considering installing a security system in your business, 24-hour alarm monitoring might interest you. This service lets you connect your alarm system to a central station that can respond to emergency signals and notify the authorities if needed.  However, you may avoid choosing 24-hour alarm monitoring due to misconceptions. The following are some 24-hour alarm monitoring myths debunked. 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Is Expensive. One of the most common myths about 24-hour alarm monitoring is that it is too costly and not worth the investment.

18 April 2023

Ensure A Watchful Eye: Why Invest In A Monitored Home Security System


If you're ready to invest in a home security system, make sure you do your homework. This is especially important when considering your monitoring options. To save money, many people choose a self-monitored system. Unfortunately, that's not always the best option. Self-monitoring might save you on the monitoring costs initially, but the extra monitoring costs can save you money in the long run. Monitoring can also give you the extra protection you need.

28 June 2022

Three Industries That Security Patrols Are Most Useful For


When it comes to protecting your business, most people use a variety of security systems from CCTV cameras to alarms and so on. A lot of commercial businesses do not consider using a security patrol. However, security patrols can offer a lot for industries that are most affected by petty theft. Even if you have not had this problem yourself, it is not too out of the realm of possibility to imagine it happening in the future.

22 September 2021

Tips for Protecting Your CCTV Security System from Hackers


Security cameras deter criminals from gaining access to your property. However, these security tools are an easy target for hackers looking to spy on your home. It is vital to learn various ways to keep the CCTV security system safe from potential hackers. Below are ways to enhance the safety of your CCTV security system. 1. Use a Separate Network for the Cameras It is advisable to use your data on a different network from your security cameras.

7 April 2021

Workplace COVID Security: How a Security Team Can Help


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage around the world. If you are looking to make your workplace COVID secure, you may be wondering how a COVID security company can help you. This article will explain everything you need to know. Ensuring visitors wear appropriate face coverings Front-of-house security can help to ensure that any visitors to the building wear an appropriate face covering. Scientists have found that wearing a face covering can help to reduce the transmission of the COVID virus.

30 November 2020

Essential Security Tips for Home Owners


Keeping your property safe is probably high on your list of priorities. Although most people will go through their lives without encountering a break-in, that's usually because they've worked hard to keep thieves out. If you feel as though it's time to review your approach to security, here are some essential tips. Care for your lawn If you're a house-proud person, you probably take great care of your lawn anyway. However, if you tend to let things lapse from time to time, you may want to revise your approach.

9 September 2019

Internal Security: How to Balance Trust and Security in Your Business


It's important for businesses to take security seriously — and most do. You can now see high-quality CCTV cameras in all different kinds of businesses, from large retail chains to small, independent restaurants, and many businesses take care to install shutters or screens to protect their premises after hours. However, all this focus on external security, preventing people from breaking in or stealing after hours, is only one half of the problem.

29 May 2018