School security measures

Our school is in an area that gets a bit rough at night. We've had a lot of vandalism at night and during the holidays, and it costs the school a lot to get the vandalism repaired, so we are upping our security measures. It's very distressing for the entire school community when the school is vandalised, so we are hoping that a combination of key, locks and grilles along with security patrols can help to reduce the rate of vandalism we experience. This blog is all about security measures for schools, and I want it to be a place we can share the measures that work for our schools.

Common Misconceptions About 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring


If you are considering installing a security system in your business, 24-hour alarm monitoring might interest you. This service lets you connect your alarm system to a central station that can respond to emergency signals and notify the authorities if needed. 

However, you may avoid choosing 24-hour alarm monitoring due to misconceptions. The following are some 24-hour alarm monitoring myths debunked.

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Is Expensive.

One of the most common myths about 24-hour alarm monitoring is that it is too costly and not worth the investment. However, this is not true. 24-hour alarm monitoring is affordable and can save you money in the long run.

For a small monthly fee, trained professionals monitor your property around the clock to prevent losses and damages. Moreover, 24-hour alarm monitoring can lower your insurance premiums, as many insurance companies offer discounts for customers with monitored security systems.

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Is Unreliable.

Some people think that 24-hour alarm monitoring is unreliable and will not work when they need it most. You might have heard stories of false alarms, dropped calls, or delayed responses. However, these rare occurrences do not reflect the quality of 24-hour alarm monitoring. 

24-hour alarm monitoring is very reliable and accurate, thanks to the advanced technology and protocols the central station uses. 

The central station systems use video verification to reduce false alarms and speed up emergency response. Furthermore, 24-hour alarm monitoring utilises backup power sources and redundant systems to ensure uninterrupted service during power outages or natural disasters.

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Is Intrusive.

Some worry that the monitoring centre will spy on them or listen to their conversations through security cameras or microphones. Others fear the monitoring centre will call them too often or bother them with false alarms. However, these concerns stem from myths that do not have any basis.

24-hour alarm monitoring is discreet and respectful of your privacy and preferences. The monitoring centre will only access your security system when an alarm goes off or you request assistance. They will not spy on you, record your activities, or listen to your conversations.

The monitoring station will also only contact you or the authorities if there is a confirmed emergency. Moreover, 24-hour alarm monitoring complies with all relevant laws and regulations regarding data protection and confidentiality.

As you can see, 24-hour alarm monitoring is a valuable service that can enhance your security and safety. If you want to learn more about 24-hour alarm monitoring, contact a professional security service today.


18 April 2023