School security measures

Our school is in an area that gets a bit rough at night. We've had a lot of vandalism at night and during the holidays, and it costs the school a lot to get the vandalism repaired, so we are upping our security measures. It's very distressing for the entire school community when the school is vandalised, so we are hoping that a combination of key, locks and grilles along with security patrols can help to reduce the rate of vandalism we experience. This blog is all about security measures for schools, and I want it to be a place we can share the measures that work for our schools.

Three Industries That Security Patrols Are Most Useful For


When it comes to protecting your business, most people use a variety of security systems from CCTV cameras to alarms and so on. A lot of commercial businesses do not consider using a security patrol. However, security patrols can offer a lot for industries that are most affected by petty theft. Even if you have not had this problem yourself, it is not too out of the realm of possibility to imagine it happening in the future. Here are three industries that could benefit from the presence of a regular and randomly timed security patrol.

Construction Sites

Construction sites may not seem like they are a very easy place to rob, but if you know what you are looking for, it is a gold mine. There are tools and equipment worth thousands of dollars often left very loosely secured, and it is not unusual for large vans and trucks to enter the area which would be the perfect cover for would-be thieves. A security patrol around construction sites can help deter this idea, especially because you likely have very few other protections that a traditional, brick and mortar store would have. Sometimes a security patrol is the only protection you have apart from a padlock on the gates.


Any kind of retail business that deals directly with drugs, especially prescription drugs, should use a security patrol as they are often the mark for desperate addicts and people looking to take advantage of the current drug crisis. While pharmacies are usually secured quite well, that will not prevent people from trying to break in, and having a quick response security patrol ready to move can be very useful, as well as the obvious random checks that a patrol will do when they are not activated.


Having security contacts as an event manager is an absolute must. Not only do most security patrol companies offer their traditional services discussed above, but many can provide security on the night of your big event. These can prevent gatecrashers, control the crowd and people in it who might be getting a little too rowdy and break up any arguments that should arise. All in all, you will just feel a lot safer and more in control of your night if you have a security patrol to help you deal with the more troublesome aspects that can come with hosting a lot of people. 


22 September 2021