School security measures

Our school is in an area that gets a bit rough at night. We've had a lot of vandalism at night and during the holidays, and it costs the school a lot to get the vandalism repaired, so we are upping our security measures. It's very distressing for the entire school community when the school is vandalised, so we are hoping that a combination of key, locks and grilles along with security patrols can help to reduce the rate of vandalism we experience. This blog is all about security measures for schools, and I want it to be a place we can share the measures that work for our schools.

Ensure A Watchful Eye: Why Invest In A Monitored Home Security System


If you're ready to invest in a home security system, make sure you do your homework. This is especially important when considering your monitoring options. To save money, many people choose a self-monitored system. Unfortunately, that's not always the best option. Self-monitoring might save you on the monitoring costs initially, but the extra monitoring costs can save you money in the long run. Monitoring can also give you the extra protection you need. Read the list provided below. You'll find four important reasons to invest in a monitored home security system. 

Emergency Detection

When you think of home security, break-ins are probably the first things that come to mind. Residential burglaries are devastating. But, there are other emergencies that can affect your family. Some of those emergencies include fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and medical issues. If you have an unmonitored security system, you're not going to get help with those emergency situations. That's where a monitored security system comes into the picture. Your monitored security system provides notification for all those emergency situations. 

Effective Alarm System

If you have a standard home security system, it probably includes an alarm system. Alarms for unmonitored security systems aren't as effective as you'd expect them to be. With an unmonitored alarm, first responders aren't notified until you make the call. That can be a problem if you're not home or you're incapacitated. But, when you have a monitored security system, your service provider is alerted as soon as the alarm activates. 

Increased Reaction Time

When you're facing an emergency situation, you need a fast response time. That's not always possible with an unmonitored security system. With unmonitored security systems, response time can be delayed. That's where a monitored security system becomes so beneficial. Your security provider receives the alert immediately. That means they're able to dispatch first responders quicker. As a result, you're ensured rapid response to the emergencies you're facing. 

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

When every second counts, you need to know that emergency services are ready to help. You never know when an emergency situation is going to arise. That's why you need to invest in a monitored security system. One of the great things about a monitored security system is that monitoring doesn't stop when you're asleep or when you're away from home. With monitored security, your home has protection regardless of what you're doing or where you are. 

Don't forego the added protection. Now that you're installing a security system for your home, make sure you add monitoring services. 

Contact a home security company for more information. 


28 June 2022