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Our school is in an area that gets a bit rough at night. We've had a lot of vandalism at night and during the holidays, and it costs the school a lot to get the vandalism repaired, so we are upping our security measures. It's very distressing for the entire school community when the school is vandalised, so we are hoping that a combination of key, locks and grilles along with security patrols can help to reduce the rate of vandalism we experience. This blog is all about security measures for schools, and I want it to be a place we can share the measures that work for our schools.

Tips for Replacing the Wheels on Your Sliding Security Screen Door


A sliding security screen door can be the perfect addition to your home and can add both style and increased safety. However, over time, it is possible for various components of your sliding screen door to become worn. If your sliding door feels as though it is dragging when you open it, you may have a problem with the wheels. Instead of having the entire sliding security screen door replaced, it is possible for you to just replace the wheels on the door. Before you begin the replacement of the wheels, it is important for you to know the most helpful tips that are designed to make the process simpler.


You will need to begin the replacement process of the wheels by lowering the sliding screen door. This is done by releasing the tension on the wheels. You will need to move the adjustment screws on each wheel in a motion that is counterclockwise. You will be able to locate these screws at the corner of the frame of the sliding door.


It is important then for you to lift the wheel from the track. You can do this with just your finger, but the process is simpler if you choose to use a screwdriver instead. Raise the wheel up by inserting the screwdriver underneath it and then do the same at the other corner of the door. You will then have to move the door in a downward motion and then pull it out of the track.


Once you have the sliding door out of the track, you can actually remove the wheels. You will be able to remove the entire adjustment screw form the bottom of the door frame using pliers and this will allow you to pull the wheel and spring out from the frame.  If you notice that the track is bent in any way, you can straighten it by using pliers. Make sure that you do not lubricate the track in any way before you install the new wheels.


You will be able to install the new wheels using a similar technique to the one you used when removing the old wheels. Make sure that when you insert the adjustment screw after the wheel and the spring that the screw inserts directly into the spring hole. When you are putting the sliding security screen door back into the frame after the new wheels have been installed, make sure that you turn the adjustment screws clockwise until they are tightened completely.

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22 February 2016