School security measures

Our school is in an area that gets a bit rough at night. We've had a lot of vandalism at night and during the holidays, and it costs the school a lot to get the vandalism repaired, so we are upping our security measures. It's very distressing for the entire school community when the school is vandalised, so we are hoping that a combination of key, locks and grilles along with security patrols can help to reduce the rate of vandalism we experience. This blog is all about security measures for schools, and I want it to be a place we can share the measures that work for our schools.

Essential Features to Look For in a Security Screen Door


Security screen doors improve the security level of your home by deterring burglars and thieves. If you are thinking about installing a new security screen door, there are some essential features that will determine the level of security in your home. There are various types of security doors from different manufacturers; therefore, their features and functionality may differ. Here are some of the key aspects that you should consider when purchasing a security screen door.

The material of the frame 

The sturdiness of the security screen frame is a key determinant of how the entire door will stand up to any attempted breach. The most common materials for the screen frames are aluminium and steel. Both materials are sturdy and ideal for maximum security; therefore, the most suitable one will be based on your preference. Here are some features, pros, and cons of each.

  • Steel is regarded as the most suitable material for making security screen doors as it is stronger than aluminium. However, steel is prone to corrosion; hence, it can rust and lose its appeal. If you go for steel, ensure it meets the Australian Standard. Steel screen doors that meet this standard are usually protected against corrosion.
  • Aluminium is more aesthetically pleasing and is not prone to rust as is steel. However, it is more expensive than steel. If you are looking for a security door that delivers on security and curb appeal, aluminium would be the suitable option.

The size of the mesh

Other than improving your home's security, security screen doors can be used to keep out insects and flies. If you are living in an area that's prone to bugs due to high temperatures, you may want a security door whose mesh is small enough to prevent entry of insects. However, it should not be too small to hinder proper air circulation and entry of light.

Locks and hinges

A good security screen door should be accompanied by sturdy locks and hinges that cannot be breached easily. Choose a lock with at least a five-pin cylinder or its equivalent for maximum security. Choose a three-point lock which prevents the top and bottom of the door from being wrenched back. It also spreads the force of the attack and prevents one side of the door from caving.

 The door should have more than two hinges with sturdy hinge pins which cannot be removed. In fact, hinge pins which are welded to the hinge leaf offer better resistance than those that are merely pressed to it.

Security screen doors are ideal for reinforcing the security of your front and back door. Once you get the perfect door, hire a professional to install it for you so as to maximize the benefits it offers to your home.


8 July 2016