Essential Features to Look For in a Security Screen Door


Security screen doors improve the security level of your home by deterring burglars and thieves. If you are thinking about installing a new security screen door, there are some essential features that will determine the level of security in your home. There are various types of security doors from different manufacturers; therefore, their features and functionality may differ. Here are some of the key aspects that you should consider when purchasing a security screen door.

8 July 2016

Tips for Replacing the Wheels on Your Sliding Security Screen Door


A sliding security screen door can be the perfect addition to your home and can add both style and increased safety. However, over time, it is possible for various components of your sliding screen door to become worn. If your sliding door feels as though it is dragging when you open it, you may have a problem with the wheels. Instead of having the entire sliding security screen door replaced, it is possible for you to just replace the wheels on the door.

22 February 2016

Various Advantages of Opting For Wireless Security Systems


Over the years, more and more homeowners have taken an interest in beefing up the security in their residences. Not only does this ensure your loved ones and valuables are safe, but it can also work toward decreasing your home insurance payments too. However, with the increase in popularity of home security systems also comes an increase in the array of options that are available. In this digital age, wireless security systems are one of the ideal choices for homeowners.

12 February 2016

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Steel Security Screen for Your Front Door


Investing in the security of your home is not just a personal decision. It not only affects you but also the people around you such as your family. Therefore, it is prudent for you to keep the house safe against theft and break-ins. A good way to do this is to secure the front door with a security screen. They protect your house against intrusion by burglars. If you are looking to have a steel security screen door installed, here are a few things you should consider:

8 February 2016